Pittsburgh Democratic Socialists of America PAC

Pittsburgh Democratic Socialists of America Political Action Committee is the Political Action Committee of the Pittsburgh Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America.

When the members of Pittsburgh DSA vote to endorse a candidate, we get to work.

Whether it’s fundraising, phonebanking, canvassing, textbanking, or anything else we can do, we put our people power in motion to elect Pittsburgh DSA’s endorsed candidates.

How do I apply for your endorsement?

Candidates seeking the endorsement of Pittsburgh DSA can click here to learn more about the endorsement process or get the application process started.

Do I have to be a member of DSA to volunteer at PGH DSA PAC events?


How do I join DSA?

To become a Democratic Socialists of America member, you can click here to join today!

Nobody gets turned away for lack of funds, so if you want to become a member but can’t afford to pay the dues, you can click here to fill out this waiver form.

Once you join, if you live within the area of Pittsburgh DSA, your information will get passed along to the local chapter to let you know about ways to get involved.

I pay dues to the national organization and/or make donations to Pittsburgh DSA already, does that fund PGH DSA PAC?

No. As a Political Action Committee, the resources and fundraising of PGH DSA PAC are separate from the funds raised by paying dues to DSA or making contributions to the local chapter. If you’d like to help fund our work you can sign up to make a one-time or monthly contribution here.